Principal Architects

Monali Patil

Ar. Monali Patil Graduated from 'College of Architecture, Nashik', after which she worked for 2 years in a landscape firm in Nashik. She did her specialization in 'Sustainable management of natural resources and nature conservation' from Ecological society in Pune before setting up her practice. She is actively involved in research on Indigenous species and ancient medicinal plants of India and is associated with the NGO called 'Apale Paryavaran'.

Ajay Sonar

Ar. Ajay Sonar Was born in a family working in construction industry from last 3 generations. He graduated from the 'College of Architecture, Nashik', after which he worked in Mumbai for a period of 2 years before setting up his own practice. He is an Alumni of 'Glenn Murcutt masterclass' organized by Australian architecture foundation in Sydney, Australia.


As our journey began early, at a younger age, we got engaged into a very 'academic' approach towards design which gave birth to an open ended collaborative process, where ideas were discussed and debated freely without any heirarchy

Physical model making is one of the most essential aspects of the practice and is hence very extensive. With hands-on application in thedesign process, we are able to translate our spirit of detailing and craftsmanship into our scale models, right from conceptualization to the finest of detail

Travelling has been adopted as one of the ways of learning. Exposure to diverse geographies, cultures, histories and people help in understanding the changing human-nature relationships. Visits to the projects by master architects like louis . I. Kahn, mies van vander rohe, frank lloyd wright and geoffrey bawa accross the world, works like a repository that can be accessed anytime to seek reference. Whereas, visits to historical places like hampi, banaras and mandu act as a strong anchor and cultural reference while dealing with various projects.